Hinoki and the Bird

Bill: $$$$
Service: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Address: 10W Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Telephone: +1 310 552 1200

Hinoki and the Bird is a new cooking concept that expands the boundaries of modern California cuisine. The four star restaurant imbibes the influences of different countries that result in multi-colored variety of dishes with exciting flavors, prepared with healthy approach and excellent technique.

Flavor is more important in American cuisine in comparison with Japanese, where attention is paid to visuals, smells and other senses.  Hinoki and the Bird offers Japanese-influenced cuisine, which regards textures and visuals important. The food is served in small plates for cocktail parties.

The chef of the restaurant is a Michelin-starred David Myers. He has always been fascinated with Japan. Before the venue opened, he travelled much in Asia and borrowed many rituals from Asian cuisine such as omakase, kaiseki, izakaya. He introduced the elements of Japanese cuisine within modern Californian context. Therefore Hinoku and the Bird presents an interesting fusion of cuisines.

You can smell hinoki in the restaurant, which features a sweet smoky smell of wood, a kind of Japanese cedar. Myers became obsessed with this smell so it is used much in Hinoki and the Bird. The patio is decorated with it. The interior acquired rustic Japanese look thanks to hinoku.

Hinoki-scented black cod is a signature dish. There are other must-try dishes there, but you will have to visit the restaurant several times to enjoy them all. For instance, mussels in green curry with cauliflower, the lobster roll, the beef tartare, organic grilled rice and the salty miso mochi for dessert.

One of the peculiarities of the place is the uniform for hostesses who wear oversized shirt dresses that hit thighs high and strapped shoes on heels. It looks a little provocative and extraordinary.

If you want to arrange the cocktail reception to celebrate some event, the private dining option at Hinoki and the Bird can be an excellent alternative. The staff of the restaurant will help to customize the menu depending upon the seasonal conditions and your requirements. You can rely upon experienced specialists who will organize unforgettable event for you. The Private Dining Room can accommodate 32 seated guests. Up to 50 people can be invited to cocktail reception. Patio can accommodate up to 200 people. When you make reservation for the whole restaurant, up to 300 people can be invited.





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