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The Duck Inn


The Duck Inn is gastro-tavern and a dining room that is located in Bridgeport neighborhood, at Loomis Street near Chicago River. There was an old tavern at this place before. It had been functioning for over a century from pre-prohibition period. His great-grandmother was the owner of McKinley Park in the 1930s. Now a new […]

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The Commons Club


If buzz behind the Virgin Hotel makes you visit the Commons Club, you will not regret it. This downtown venue was opened not long ago but it became popular fast. It is located on the second floor of the Virgin Hotel. When you visit the place for the first time, you should just follow the […]

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Formento’s is an Italian restaurant in the center of Chicago. The restaurant offers traditional Italian dishes cooked to family recipes. The place was opened in honor of John Ross’s Nonna Formento who was co-owner’s grandmother. The Chef is Tony Quartaro. The restaurant is rather spacious (8,000 sq.ft.)and can accommodate to 200 guests. If you want […]

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Hinoki and the Bird


Hinoki and the Bird is a new cooking concept that expands the boundaries of modern California cuisine. The four star restaurant imbibes the influences of different countries that result in multi-colored variety of dishes with exciting flavors, prepared with healthy approach and excellent technique. Flavor is more important in American cuisine in comparison with Japanese, […]

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 Maggie Jones


Maggie Jones is a nice, small restaurant in Kensington, London. The restaurant has been serving its customers for over 40 years already. It has a traditional rustic vibe and specializes on traditional English and European food. It is located in cul-de-sac between two streets: Kensington Church Street and Kensington High Street, not far from the […]

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Wild Honey


Wild Honey is one of the most discussed restaurants of London. This is a joint venture that belongs to Will Smith and celebrated chef Anthony Demetre. This is their second project together. Wild Honey was opened in 2007. The venue offers fair price for excellent creative dishes. The menu is French-inspired. It is located opposite […]

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