Providence is a modern American seafood restaurant. It stands out from its business rivals as it features high class level. The interior is spacious and bright. Though the place is popular, it is not noisy. The restaurant became an award winning venue thanks to its renowned chef Michael Cimarusti. It offers sustainable seafood, wild-caught products […]

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listing image for spago beverly hills

Spago is a restaurant in Los Angeles that establishes standard for quality, style and service. Being Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, it is one of the most famous restaurants of Los Angeles. Though Spago was considered luxury in the old days, it is still a glamorous place. For this reason, people love to come here for […]

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Melisse is a two Michelin star restaurant that is visited for special occasions. There are places that should not be visited on a daily basis even if you can afford this. This is Melisse – an elegant and mature restaurant with serious approach to cooking. White cloths against deep purple tablecloths create romantic vibe around […]

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It is difficult to imagine the venue that is able to delight the senses more than the restaurant Daniel that is located in the center of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. An award-winning chef presents sophisticated French cuisine that gets inspiration from seasonal foods. The restaurant presents contemporary cuisine with best ingredients of the season. Custom […]

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Eleven Madison Park


Eleven Madison Park is a chic New York restaurant that provides unforgettable experience. The main accent in its cuisine is made on the agricultural richness of New York and old traditional cuisine. The chef of the restaurant Daniel Humm does not economize even in the period of economic distress. Quite on the contrary, this talented […]

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Sushi Yasuda


Sushi Yasuda is a Japanese restaurant that was founded in 1999. It is located between Third Avenue and Second Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The main concept of the place is to show traditional sushi making. There are three co-owners there: a chef, a restaurant manager and a business manager. They worked hard […]

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