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The Duck Inn


The Duck Inn is gastro-tavern and a dining room that is located in Bridgeport neighborhood, at Loomis Street near Chicago River. There was an old tavern at this place before. It had been functioning for over a century from pre-prohibition period. His great-grandmother was the owner of McKinley Park in the 1930s. Now a new […]

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Miku Sushi Lounge


Miku Sushi Lounge is a new venue in Lincoln Square, Chicago. It was created inside the Laughing Bird and Tank Sushi space. Though it was just opened, Chicago Magazine called it one of the hottest new venues of Chicago. You may not worry over the quality. With huge experience behind the belt of the owner, […]

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The Commons Club


If buzz behind the Virgin Hotel makes you visit the Commons Club, you will not regret it. This downtown venue was opened not long ago but it became popular fast. It is located on the second floor of the Virgin Hotel. When you visit the place for the first time, you should just follow the […]

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Formento’s is an Italian restaurant in the center of Chicago. The restaurant offers traditional Italian dishes cooked to family recipes. The place was opened in honor of John Ross’s Nonna Formento who was co-owner’s grandmother. The Chef is Tony Quartaro. The restaurant is rather spacious (8,000 sq.ft.)and can accommodate to 200 guests. If you want […]

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Providence is a modern American seafood restaurant. It stands out from its business rivals as it features high class level. The interior is spacious and bright. Though the place is popular, it is not noisy. The restaurant became an award winning venue thanks to its renowned chef Michael Cimarusti. It offers sustainable seafood, wild-caught products […]

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listing image for spago beverly hills

Spago is a restaurant in Los Angeles that establishes standard for quality, style and service. Being Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, it is one of the most famous restaurants of Los Angeles. Though Spago was considered luxury in the old days, it is still a glamorous place. For this reason, people love to come here for […]

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